Cancer Horoscope July 2018

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Cancer Horoscope July 2018

A new moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th sees you express energy which is versatile, determined, and capable. You show others your leadership abilities. You are capable, courageous, idealistic, and determined. You obtain balance between your emotions, and your loyalty to another is steadfast and unquestionable. As a result of finding the correct outlet for your restless spirit you see improvement your emotional well-being.

Cancerians have a wonderful knack for looking to the future this July and spotting lucky trends to develop. This enables you to accept fresh potential into your world. You seek deeper challenges during this time and involve yourself more with new activities which inspire your mind. You do best when you are productive and busy. You are advised to beware of drifting and dreaming by setting practical goal. This is a direction which improves stability and obtains proven results.

Sun Enters Leo

Cancer can expand talents into a new area as the Sun enters Leo on July 22nd. A form of creative self-expression may be of interest to you and lead you down a new path. As you become in touch with your creative side, you explore a new passion which could lead to a wonderful chapter of potential, it may even bring you in contact with like-minded individuals who encourage your efforts and entice you to go out and about.

In addition this July, Moonchild reveals an opportunity to learn more about themselves and an individual they meet soon. This is an event which offers support and encouragement. Giving your all to this opportunity sees the situation become more open and friendly, furthermore it may even lead to intimacy. The closeness you achieve with this character could unfold over time if you can keep nurturing the potential possible. Expanding your horizons leads to positive outcomes. You soon receive news which brings you a sense of excitement. It may take a few steps to get up to speed, there is plenty of potential connected to this development. In conclusion Cancer can expect communication to arrive soon which brings new beginnings.

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