Capricorn Horoscope July 2018

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Capricorn Horoscope


Venus entering Virgo signifies a time of personal growth and heightened spirituality. You are in the mood for expansion and expression. On this path you don’t hold back as there is much to feel enthusiastic about. This is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and embrace the new potential which emerges. You are likely to set off on an adventurous chapter which revamps your outlook.

July’s Capricorn horoscope sees you delving deep and expanding your current limits. A mentor assists and offers you support after the fallout of Mercury Retrograde, this person advises and encourages you to continue to learn and grow. There is terrific potential which is available in your life, and as you focus on your strengths, you pull this potential together and direct it toward a powerful area to develop. You are likely to get involved in a group activity which is challenge orientated and brings you a sense of accomplishment. This area symbolizes knowledge, vitality and good fortune.

You could be stretching your resources so thin that it becomes hard to see clearly the correct path ahead. Prioritizing what is most important, taking decisive action, and identifying key issues which need your attention first. This brings opportunities to you which you wouldn’t recognize if you were feeling frazzled. You benefit tremendously as stability increases. You will likely gravitate towards a new area to develop soon.

Wearing your feelings close to the surface, you are guided by your intuition. This is an area which is important to you and enables you to sustain a long-term approach as you to feel passionate about the potential possible. This is a time where more than one interesting option pops up and you discover enticing activities to add variety to your routine. You are likely to develop something that you have been holding back on. Now is the time to bring that back to the forefront and put your efforts into completing this endeavor.

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