Gemini Horoscope July 2018

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Gemini Horoscope July 2018

First of all this month, Gemini can look forward to some new doors opening as Venus enters Virgo on the 9th of July. Surprising news and welcome outcomes are around the corner. Furthermore, looking at the bigger picture, this begins to guide you towards a specific path, gravitating to this direction is beneficial and will likely see you make robust progress. You have fantastic talents which are likely to be sharpened, expanding your skills leads to impressive results.

Most noteworthy, this signifies that Gemini is entering a cycle of fabulous growth which sees you move out of your comfort zone. As you head into new territory, you expand your ability to reach for a path which brings you great happiness. Consequently, this also gives your confidence boost, and you find plenty of motivation arrives to develop the full potential possible. You also approach someone in authority for advice, and this person’s sage wisdom holds you in good stead.

The Sun enters Leo

Gemini gets a boost as the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd of July, prompting an influx of creative energy. It may even lead to a major epiphany about how you hope to develop your life. You enter a time of growth, this leads to revelations and a broadening of perspective. You may be reaching the end of a painful chapter in your life, this is guiding you to start a new phase of potential. Hidden information is likely to be revealed to help increase the flow of positive energy. You may be feeling guided to find other kindred spirits, this becomes a quest to merge your soul with others who understand you on a deeper level. You prioritize meaningful exchanges, pivotal connections, and social engagement.

In conclusion, this leads to more meaningful encounters and heightens the social vibe in your life. Expanding your potential also draws new friendships into your surroundings. Well-being and happiness is especially relevant this July as they are highlighted as increasing during this time.

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