July Astrology 2018

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July Astrology 2018

July 5th 12:46 AM Chiron Retrograde ChironAries25′Retrograde

July 9th 10:32 PM Venus enters Virgo VenusVirgo

July 10th 1:02 PM Jupiter Direct Jupiter 13°Scorpio 21′D

July 12th 10:48 PM New Moon Partial SOLAR Eclipse 20 Cancer 41 New MoonEclipse20° Cancer41′

July 16th 1:15 PM Uranus semi-sextile Chiron UranusTaurus22’ Semi sextileChironAries22’Rx

July 20th 9:41 AM Saturn quintile Neptune SaturnCapricorn14’RxNeptune16° Pisces14’Rx

July 22nd 5:00 PM Sun enters Leo SunLeo

Jul 26th 1:02 AM Mercury Retrograde Mercury 23°Leo27′Retrograde

July 27th 4:20 PM Full Moon Total LUNAR Eclipse 4 Aquarius 45 Full MoonEclipseAquarius45′

July Astrology in a nutshell

The July Astrology forecast sees the Sun sashay into Leo. This suggests you are set to enter an exceptional phase which provides you with many opportunities for growth. You excel in an area which provides you with a joyous sense of accomplishment. Life shimmers with potential, out of the blue surprises arrive to infuse your life with opportunity. Being open and flexible to the potential which is weaving its way through your life enables you to make the most of this fortuitous chapter. In addition with Venus entering Virgo, you are on the cusp of an important change which brings fresh information, as you piece this news together, you are given an offer of a new project which makes you feel curious about the potential possible. This highlights the importance of being open to a variety of paths, as you will be guided to the one which is meant for you. It brings exciting benefits into your world, being spontaneous enables you to make the most of this surprising chapter.

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