Leo Horoscope July 2018

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Leo Horoscope July 2018

It is an extensive time for Leo as you embark on a new chapter as Venus enters Virgo on July 9th. Change is likely to sashay into your world. As you venture down a path towards the realization of your dreams, you reflect on the journey you have been on recently. You reinvent your potential and become bold about obtaining your needs. As you assert yourself it increases your confidence tenfold. This is highly attractive to others and encourages bold and exciting moments into your life.

An opportunity arises as the Sun enters your star sign on July 22nd, this brings out sunshine, new friends and fresh starts to your life. A capable, caring, and enticing person arrives into your world. They are willing to explore developing a closer connection with you. This enables you to feel blessed with close friendships, and meaningful activities. You enjoy lighthearted fun with those who are close to you. Deep conversations flow over into useful areas of your life.

Mercury Retrograde July 2018

Leo can expect a few intense moments as Mercury goes Retrograde on July 26th. This astrological event is especially relevant, it is something which is likely to affect every major area of your life. It requires some form of re-calibration for you to rejuvenate your energy. Perhaps renegotiating your spirit will enable you to prioritize other areas of your life which hold significant meaning to you.

Finding the way to re-balance and obtain equilibrium allows tension to be released, this allows more harmony to emerge in your world. It brings passion back. You may feel like questioning your current direction, this is to make sure that you are in alignment with your core values. Following your dreams will bring you to the correct endeavor to see your brilliance shine. Consequently you might even begin to move in a new direction. The important thing is, you will feel confident that you are on the right path, this has your potential skyrocket exponentially.

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