Pisces Horoscope August 2018

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Pisces Horoscope in August 2018


August zodiac energy stabilizes Pisces with first seeing Venus enter Libra on August 6th, followed on August 7th by a Uranus Retrograde. Changes are coming which will help to simplify your life, it will be grounding, allowing goals to take concrete form. Focusing on developing your potential sees improvement in productivity, this suggests security is likely to become a main focus, re-evaluating the plan leads to a stellar result.

A Jupiter Neptune trine on August 19th signifies a major turning point is shining a light on a substantial area to develop. A welcome surprise makes itself known to Pisces soon. Once you overcome an excess workload, you being to find the path ahead is paved with golden opportunities. An area sparks your interest which holds plenty of potential, you embark on developing this to its fullest outcome. You feel capable of making substantial changes which improve your circumstances. Hard work, dedication, and a motivated heart is all that is required to achieve true success. News arrives as the Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd which provides you with valuable information.

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