Sagittarius Horoscope July 2018

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July is an excellent month for Sagittarius to clarify priorities, tweaking goals after Venus has entered Virgo helps you get in a position to launch them successfully. There may be an opportunity for a reunion as the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd of July, someone from your past is likely to re-emerge. An opportunity arrives during the partial solar eclipse in Cancer, which could bring exciting changes, this heralds new energy emerging to stir up your creativity and inspiration. Been able to focus your underutilized energy enables a successful result. You enter a time of personal growth and self-improvement, this takes you to new heights, you feel inspired to create change which empowers and develops your world. Long-term goals are coming into focus, strategies are designed, you come up with some big plans for future growth. An exciting offer arrives to tempt you to move in a new direction. It is a substantial time for Sagittarius to engage in dreaming, setting intentions, and reviewing your trajectory.

Sagittarius harnesses an adventurous spirit in July, potential arrives to entice you out of your usual routine. Exciting plans require practical aspects to be addressed, you find a manageable project, beginning with a tight agenda, small successes motivate you to continue to develop a winning formula. Your interests expand to take in big ideas and methods, there is a dominant focus on self and identity which sees you go through a phase of personal growth. This is a time of freedom, expansion, and optimism, helping another is likely. You are adventurous, new horizons are calling, you will love the energy which flows into your world. Conjuring up big plans enables you to manifest surprising goals. You feel inspired to break free of your comfort zone and explore a new landscape of possibilities. A glimpse into the future provides you with a sense of purpose.