Scorpio Horoscope July 2018

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Scorpio can expect a great deal of excitement to enter your life as Venus enters Virgo on the 9th of July, you likely feel the burning urge to experiment, connect with others, and increase the pace of your life. High energy flows around you, and this is guiding you to keep pushing your boundaries, this is a crucial time where you can remove barriers and leap into a fresh area. Essential bonds with others are in sync so you can get valuable support during this time. This is a week of expansion, growth, and adventure.

A restless vibe as the Sun enters Leo has you seeking to take a leap of faith and explore new possibilities. You’ll likely love the idea of doing something big and bold. As you navigate forward, you find other outrageous people to hatch plans with. There are plenty of opportunities for social interaction, leading to lively times ahead. Expect grand and wild ideas to cross your path during this exciting phase.

You may feel deep inner conflict on a deep soul level during Mercury Retrograde on and after the 26th of July, and this astrological phase can activate some intense emotions for Scorpio. If you feel oppressed or limited, you are advised to pull back your energy and re-balance your power. Don’t block the message, look deeper and do the inner work, as there is a sign of being sent to you which will provide you with a coherent structure for developing life goals. Illumination leads to transformation and reveals that which needs to be improved. There is an important message coming from the universe. Patience and flexibility are key, pulling back will enable you to have a broader perspective of a particular situation in your life which may have been troubling you recently. Help is at hand, and vital signs are likely to cross your path, which will become the direction to head towards. A welcome surprise is around the corner for Scorpio which helps you regain lost ground.