Virgo Horoscope July 2018

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Virgo Horoscope July 2018

Virgo enters a wonderful time for focusing on yourself and exploring new beginnings as Venus enters it’s star sign on July 9th. Projects which hold passion take center stage, you find the clarity and motivation to develop your life. As you become happier, your efforts are appreciated. Your unique brilliance will get the opportunity to emerge once more. An area of your life is likely to develop soon. It begins with a sudden shift in your thinking, as you reshuffle your goals, you realize there’s a part of you which seeks to evolve. The more you plan towards the realization of dreams, the clearer you get on what you want in your life. You are entering a transformation time which is highly creative in nature and does have a degree of fluidity to it. So, it changes as it develops. This enables you to achieve the highest result for your circumstances. But, beware! Mercury Retrograde is on it’s way, which can put some projects on hold.

Virgo may face difficulties ahead as Mercury Retrogrades from July 26th, there is a need to face fears to overcome limitations. The power of regeneration urges you to take time to nourish and support yourself and those around you and release painful emotions which arise. It is time to make a firm stance against a situation which has occurred. You express your person viewpoints with honesty and openness. You nail opposition with tenacity and daring. An extra workload can drain your energy as you take on many responsibilities. It is essential to take time to focus on self-care, re-balancing your energy and being firm with others helps to establish barriers. You may find an intriguing offer of collaboration arrives next month to inspire you to take an offer of assistance. Sharing the load smooths over any rough edges which occur over the next few weeks.

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